01 November 2015

Caribbean Pacific Agrifood Forum

Written by Nyasha
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The first Caribbean and Pacific Agri-food Forum will be held from November 2 to November 7, 2015 in Barbados, West Indies.  The events taking place during that week will explore how an agribusiness approach can drive rural development in small island states. It consists of 12 workshops to run in parallel sessions during the first three days, and a Agri-business Forum during the last two days. Learning Journeys, business networking and side events on specific topics, will take place before, during and after the sessions.

The workshops are hands-on activities where Caribbean and Pacific experts come together to exchange experiences, learn from each others’ activities, provide suggestions for improvement, and plan for individual and joint actions.

Specific activities during the week-long meetings and learning journeys will address specific objectives that will contribute to the following outcomes, in line with the focal areas of work of CTA in its Regional Business Plan:

1. Improving agricultural value chains and agri-business development through relations that are inclusive of small-scale farmers, women and young entrepreneurs across SIDS.

2. Enhancing knowledge about the nutrition status in selected cases of the region and the links between nutrition and agriculture value chains.

3. Increasing knowledge about the state of art on climate change challenges, initiatives and critical gaps, and proposals for scaling up success stories that can link into more sustainable value chains and agri-business development.

It is expected that the diverse exchanges during the event will lead also to new relations and insights among participants. And that this will contribute to broadening their vision and expanding their collaboration plans.

You can follow the discussions on popular social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. #CPAF15


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