01 November 2015

Caribbean Pacific Agrifood Forum

Written by Nyasha
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The first Caribbean and Pacific Agri-food Forum will be held from November 2 to November 7, 2015 in Barbados, West Indies.  The events taking place during that week will explore how an agribusiness approach can drive rural development in small island states. It consists of 12 workshops to run in parallel sessions during the first three days, and a Agri-business Forum during the last two days. Learning Journeys, business networking and side events on specific topics, will take place before, during and after the sessions.

The workshops are hands-on activities where Caribbean and Pacific experts come together to exchange experiences, learn from each others’ activities, provide suggestions for improvement, and plan for individual and joint actions.

Specific activities during the week-long meetings and learning journeys will address specific objectives that will contribute to the following outcomes, in line with the focal areas of work of CTA in its Regional Business Plan:

1. Improving agricultural value chains and agri-business development through relations that are inclusive of small-scale farmers, women and young entrepreneurs across SIDS.

2. Enhancing knowledge about the nutrition status in selected cases of the region and the links between nutrition and agriculture value chains.

3. Increasing knowledge about the state of art on climate change challenges, initiatives and critical gaps, and proposals for scaling up success stories that can link into more sustainable value chains and agri-business development.

It is expected that the diverse exchanges during the event will lead also to new relations and insights among participants. And that this will contribute to broadening their vision and expanding their collaboration plans.

You can follow the discussions on popular social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. #CPAF15


01 November 2015

CaFAN's Chief Coordinator writes to EC Commissioners

Written by Nyasha
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At a meeting on "Smart agri-buesiness investment in partnership with farmers organisations in ACP countries" held on October 14th and 15th, Chief Coordinator of CaFAN, Mr. Jethro Greene was impressed with the speeches made by Commisioner Phil Hogan and Commiioner Neven Mimica of the European Commissioner at the High Level Political conference in Milano. 

In an attempt to express his appreciation, CaFAN's Chief Coordinator wrote a letter addressed to both commissioners on his return to the CAFAN's office.  Mr. Greene noted that their messages, were messages of hope for millions of small farmers and small farm families around the world.

You can read more by clicking the following link. CaFAN writes to EU Commissioners

11 September 2015

COLEACP supports CaFAN efforts to assist with rehabilitation of small-farm-families’ livelihoods in Dominica

Written by Nyasha
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The COLEACP (Europe-ACP Liaison Committee) has contributed 20,000 Euros to assist CaFAN with rehabilitation of small-farm-families’ in Dominica amidst the devastation resulting from the impact of tropical storm Erica. 

According to Guy StinglhamberGeneral Director of Programs, General Delegate Coleacp, "for Coleacp association of ACP and European members, using their own financial resources to support CaFAN's members in this case, is really a confirmation of solidarity between the COLEACP family which include CaFAN".

CaFAN is monitoring the ongoing agricultural assessment, which is been being conducted, and the funds from COLEACP will be used to help small farmers with land clearing, seeds and agricultural inputs.  

Please click on the link below to access the press release.

CaFAN to assist with rehabilitation of small-farm-families’ livelihoods in Dominica 


28 August 2015

The Island of Dominica hit by Tropical Storm Erika

Written by Nyasha
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This week, our sister island of Dominica was devastated by the passing of Tropical Storm Erika. News reports coming out of Dominica indicated that there are several lives which have been lost, including significant damages to private and public properties.

CaFAN is appealing to all members and partners who can provide support to do so to help in the country's recovery process. We are one Caribbean and one people and our brothers and sisters need us during this time. If you will like to make a donation, please let us know so that we can point you in the right direction.

To the Government and People of Dominica, do accept our deepest sympathies from the entire membership of the Caribbean Farmers Network.

06 August 2015

Sustainable, profitable value chains in the Caribbean

Written by Nyasha
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Jamaica was most suitable for the venue of the official launch of the CaFAN three year project titled, “Sustainable, profitable value chains in the Caribbean” because of the focus placed on agriculture as highlighted by the recently concluded Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show.

The launch was held at the Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios on Tuesday August 4th, 2015, Speakers included Programme Coordinator of CTA, Mr. Juan Cheaz; Mr. Sydney Henry, Project Manager of the Sandals Foundation and Mr. Jethro Greene, Chief Coordinator of CaFAN.

The featured address was delivered by Senator Norman Grant, President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society and who serves as Chairman of CaFAN.  The event was chaired by Mr. James Paul (MP)

Official Project Launch

22 June 2015

CaFAN Regional Value Chain Alliance Project

Written by Nyasha
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The Caribbean Farmers Network has signed on June 20, 2015, a cost-sharing contract for a project titled, "Sustainable, profitable value chains, and market linkages in the Caribbean" with the Technical Centre for Agricultral and Rural Co-operation (CTA). CaFAN and CTA have been long standing partners since the inception of CaFAN in 2002 and CTA's financial contributions have helped significantly in the development of CaFAN.

The project which has a duration of three (3) years, and a total contribution of Euro 790,000 is aimed to build sustainable and profitable value chains and market linkages for small-scale farmers in the Caribbean, including women and young entrepreneurs.


More specifically, the project aims to support small-scale farmers to overcome key barriers to access domestic, tourism and international markets. This will be accomplished through capacity building, organisational development, technical training, regional learning exchanges, market visits, multi-stakeholder collaboration, private sector engagement, systematisation of experiences, market and policy analysis, dissemination of materials, advocacy & lobbying, baseline studies (M&E) and seed funding for women and young entrepreneur.


Under this project, CaFAN will also coordinate in conjunction with CTA Regional Value Chain Alliance, which is a platform for building partnerships with the private sector, agriculture organizations and institutions.

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